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I've loved them ever since I was a kid and I'm pleased to say that they haven't changed one bit. Kipling's cakes are delicious but Cherry Bakewells are definitely the best and excellent value for money.

A real family favourite for years, always welcome with a nice cuppa or simply on their own.

The pastry was nice and crumbly and the filling was very creamy, just how I like it. Anytime my in laws come visit or I order from BCS cherry bakewells are always at the top of my list to get!

I was so excited to share them with my family and my girlfriend. Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells have been a favourite of mine since childhood.

They are a substantial cake that is packed with flavour.

The only thing I dislike is the cherry on top but there's always someone willing to eat it for me!

The creamy fondant is the best part, dare I say, it really is the 'icing on the cake'. I agree, it's one of my all-time favourite cakes (especially the icing).

This Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart is a must for any afternoon tea or a lazy Sunday with your favourite movies!

This shallow cake is packed full of flavours so be careful not to eat the entire thing to yourself!

The combination of these flavours create one of Mr. Perfect as a teatime treat or an after dinner dessert.

Something that always amazes me is that although it has quite a long shelf life, Mr.

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