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Yonhap News reports South Korea's loudspeakers are loud enough to be heard up to 20 kilometers, or about 12 miles, inside North Korea.

An African-American nurse who was born light-skinned and passes for white in the North returns to her Southern hometown.

According to The Diplomat, the system went unused for 11 years.

Special features: Disc 2, (77 min.) Special educational features: extended interviews with Paul Spickard and Reginald Daniel; extended comedy routines by Jim Ruel, Tessie Chua; game/interactive class activity, Where's the line? Video/C 6613 "I used to think that we were the typical Asian American family," muses William Gow, a fifth-generation Chinese American of biracial descent, as several family members describe instances of how they are commonly mistaken for other ethnicities.

This program shares the experiences of a group of Canadians with one parent from a European background and one from a visible minority, all struggling to find a satisfying frame of reference and cultural identity. The film details their experiences in the camp, and their arrival in different regions of this country. Through interviews with the workers, soldiers and scholars the film examines the historical roots of the problem and the complicity of the Korean and American governments. Based on interviews with racially mixed students at the University of California, Berkeley, who speak about their perceptions of their own personal identities. DVD X2407; vhs Video/C 3280 This documentary analyzes how mixed race comedians mediate multiracial identities and humor.

somewhere in between, where cultural identities overlap? Each of the families was sent to a refugee camp in the Philippines for 6 months of ESL and cultural orientation. Video/C 5299 A study of the various types of identities that interracial people have had to invent for themselves.

Ultimately, these six individuals demonstrate how living intimately with two cultures can be a source of strength and enrichment. Video/C 4997 After World War II, despite orders forbidding it, fraternization between U. soldiers and Japanese women resulted in a number of children born in and out of wedlock. This experimental documentary addresses the complexities inherent in establishing and asserting a biracial identity. Video/C 5230 Sensitive story of generation and cultural differences that occur when a Korean grandmother visits her daughter, American son-in-law, and bi-racial granddaughter in the United States. Midori in describing her own personal struggles likens them to the challenges encountered in learning to be a long-distance runner. Video/C 8897 Her passport said she was Cha Jung Hee. So began a 40 year deception for a Korean adoptee who came to the US in 1966. In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee is the search to find the answers, as acclaimed filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem (First person plural, PBS 2000) returns to her native Korea to find her "double," the mysterious girl whose place she took in America. As he searches to understand his father he discovers what 'home' really means. The film is told from the unique perspective of the film's co-director, Camilla Benolirao Griggers, who draws parallels between the history of war and violence between the two countries and her own family history as the granddaughter of a U.

Through these personal stories, each person recounts how their identity is affected by their parents' history, hierarchies of race, gender roles, and class. Midori, her mother (who is also interviewed) and the others offer an overview of the struggle of racially mixed people to be accepted and understood and how that role has changed as the United States becomes a more multicultural society. Theatrical version () -- PBS/Educational version (). DVD X4674 Examines how and why couples of different colors, religions, and ethnic roots are drawn to one another, how their differences affect their marriages, and how they deal with their friends and family. Shireen, the daughter of Alex and Maria, and her husband, Jason, the son of a Polish Canadian mother and an African American father, discuss the possibilities of heritage for their new son, Jamal. This personal documentary uncovers the story of Caucasian children who grew up with a foot in two cultures, spoke Chinese as a first language, and lived with war and unrest outside their doorstep. Suzan talks of her disappointment at Lilly's choice of a non-Chinese husband, while Lilly, to her own surprise discovers a need to pass on her cultural heritage to her son, who eventually heals the rift between the generations. Video/C 3962 The Philippine-American War of 1899 was one of the most violent imperial wars of the 20th century and set the precedent for U. foreign policy in Southeast Asia, yet few remember the details of the war or why it was fought. A film by Camilla Benolirao Griggers and Sari Raissa Lluch Dalena. Discusses the discrimination the family has encountered and the cultural miscommunications that exist within the family.

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