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We were on a TV show together when she told a story of how the Mayo Clinic had sent out letters to all its patients who’d had a colonoscopy – warning them that due to the inability to sterilize the apparatus, the patient might have been exposed to Hepatitis, AIDS, etc. But before we get into the technical medical jargon, let’s take a look at this newspaper article from the LA Times, where the reporter covered this exact issue: The nation’s leading manufacturer of endoscopes has known for a decade that some scopes contain cavities inaccessible to cleaning by hand but has failed to fix the oversight, said David Lewis, a University of Georgia research microbiologist who has conducted research for the federal Environmental Protection Agency on the issue of dirty endoscopes.

Here’s how a colonoscopy procedure works: First, you have to self-administer a ‘bowel preparation’ procedure.The FDA says endoscopes should be disinfected for 45 minutes to kill tuberculosis bacteria, but the Centers for Disease Control believes the job can be done in 20 minutes, Lewis says.He and other microbiologists advocate sterile disposable parts for endoscopes as well as the use of a condom-like sheath for each new patient.In a patent filed in 1993, he says, the company wrote that at times “satisfactory cleaning cannot be achieved.” So now you have a colon that’s been stripped of its natural protective microflora, and directly exposed to a colonoscope that may be infected with any number of harmful viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms.I know, this is such a fantastical claim to make, that more evidence is certainly needed.

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