Google reader feed not updating

For Mac, we recommend Net News Wire, which is also made by News Gator, the company behind Feed Demon.

It's a little bit prettier than Feed Demon, and it has the added benefit of syncing with its own i Phone and i Pad apps.

It's free on the web (with an excellent Chrome extension), Android, and i OS. Feedly is totally prepared for the demise of Reader, and has a system in place (cheekily called "Normandy") which makes it as easy as possible to shift your RSS life over to Feedly.

This would be a major shift; the beauty of Google Reader is that it syncs your feeds with any device you'd care to read them on, and moving to a non-web-based app introduces some complications into the mix.

As a blogger you have total control over this RSS feed, there are typically three easy to use options: How does Bloglovin use RSS?

If you're willing to try something a little bit--but just a little bit--different, we recommend Feedly.Google announced that it's killing Google Reader, the company's popular RSS-reading web application, despite the fact that it's far more popular than the still-extant Google Plus. It's designed to make the switch from the deceased Google Reader as easy as possible; as of this morning, you can import your Google Reader feeds with a single click on a prompt that pops up when you visit for the first time. So you want to move on from Google Reader with the least possible fuss, eh?Reader, like Gmail and Google Maps, has become the go-to service in its category; there are plenty of RSS reading mobile apps, or superpowered desktop software, but the simple, effective web-based reader is the domain of Google Reader. It's a web app, like Google Reader, but it's even more clean and streamlined. That means you're looking at a web-based RSS reader, one that can accept your Google Reader feeds before they no longer exist, one that has apps for your i Phone or Android phone and syncs between them seamlessly.In almost all cases, this problem is due to errors in the feed itself.Feed Demon goes to great lengths to detect and work around errors in feeds, but there are some errors that can only be resolved by the publisher of the feed.

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