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Inscriptio autem significat sermonis DIONYSIUS BYZANTINUS. 25 veritatem : at illi^ qui vanam reddunt historiam^ putant anti- que Bovis statuam, aberrantes a veritate. The sentence looks like a report or certificate from the rubricator to the abbot {hegumenos) of the monastery. c.) that the very same remark is found in the Palatine MS., at the end both of this tract and of the last.

In hoc promontorio existit columna lapidis albi, in qua extat Bos, Charetis Imperatoris Atheniensium conjux, quam hie mortuam sepelivit. Arrian's Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, six pages, is published by Gelenius, with the last, from the Palatine MS., which, according to Bast (p. 4 we find the same remark inserted by the rubricator with the addition of the word irdw before (nrov Salov.

Yerum finis esto mete Bospori historic/' ANNOTATIONS. I find ^^Ilakov Si, palus, paludis," in the Glossarium Barbaro-Graecum of Langius. The word hri Tq Bevfjui, adaptation, is indis- tinct ; but I think it may safely be assumed. division of words, and yet they are not joined to- gether. Kvk Xo Biov seems to be a mistake of the transcriber for Avko Biov; but it appears that Gilles found it in his copy. Pierre Gilles has observed, that a clear proof of the antiquity and genuineness of the treatise of Dionysius is afforded by the circumstance that Stepha- nus Byzantinus, who wrote about a.d. The title of the volume is in Greek, and is copied by Fabricius, Bibl.

Multa in urbe hac admiratione digna, ob antiqui- tatem, et res gestas^ et fortunas, et in utramque partem mutationes : mazime autem admirabilia, Apo Uinis templum, et oraculum nullo summorum oraculorum inferius. was first published by Sigismund Gelenius, together with Arrian's Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, Hanno's Periplus, Plutarch de Fluviis, and Strabo's Chresto- mathy, all from the same MS., and printed by Froben, at Basle, 1533.

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In the epigram upon the riiarble monument, which the Athe- nian general Chares erected to her memory, he calls her evveris. The ira XKatcri was often a slave, and she was not unfrequently called by a name in the neuter gender, and this may explain I ARRIANI PBRIPLUS EUXINI PONTI. This tract immediately follows Dionysius Byzantinus. It occupies the remainder of the seventh page, the six pages following, and the top of the fourteenth.

From other circumstances it appears that Dionysius wrote in the second century. Here Pierre Gilles has taken the liberty of translating Tra XXa/crjv (concubine) by conjuoi. Damalis), where Chares s Eiud Damalis are represented as husband and wife. Chares), the character of the general is depicted in terms which justify the language of Dionysius.

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