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Nevertheless, Pfeiffer received some positive attention for her performance, notably from The New York Times, which said "although she is a relative screen newcomer, Miss Pfeiffer manages to look much more insouciant and comfortable than anyone else in the cast".Director Brian De Palma, having seen Grease 2, refused to audition Pfeiffer for Scarface (1983), but relented at the insistence of Martin Bregman, the film's producer.Michelle wasn't known at the time." "And you had that sense about her," Pacino offered.

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We rehearsed that for a couple weeks and we were like, 'We could take this on the road. While describing his lengthy, intense rehearsal period, Pacino revealed, "I got shot! I grabbed the barrel..the gun that just shot off 30 rounds. [...] I got this call to meet the casting director Alixe Gordin. Murray Abraham's mother doesn't care how big of a star Al Pacino is. "My mother's Italian and she's still around, she's about 97 years old," Abraham told the audience. She's very proud of it and she said [after seeing Scarface], 'Murray, I saw the movie. It's not good for the Italian people.' I said, 'Mom, it's the script.

It was the first day of casting, and the moment she saw me, she said, 'Yeah. and I saw Marty and the moment we met, he told me, 'I'm going to tell you something. You're going to play this role.' I said, 'I haven't auditioned yet.' And he said, 'Just take my word for it. He said what he had to say.' She said, 'He's a big star! Pacino may not remember it, but he did not originally want to cast Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock.

You're Manny.' Then she called Brian De Palma and she said, 'I've got Manny here.' It was day one of casting and she said, 'Go see Brian.' So I went to see Brian and he said, 'Yeah, you look like Manny.' And he said, 'I'm going to call Marty Bregman in L. While discussing the film's female casting, Bregman said, "Michelle Pfeiffer...

; born April 29, 1958) is an American actress, singer, and producer.

She began her acting career in 1978 and had her first leading role in the musical film Grease 2 (1982), before receiving mainstream attention in 1983 for her breakout performance as gangster moll Elvira Hancock in Brian De Palma’s crime film Scarface.

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