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The 50-year-old experimental social psychologist from Harvard University had started with a series of images that showed the tricks our minds play.

In one video clip, a team passed around a basketball.

Mahzarin Banaji wrestled with a slide projector while senior executives filed grumpily into the screening room at New Line Cinema studios in Los Angeles.

They anticipated a pointless November afternoon in which they would be lectured on diversity, including their shortcomings in portraying characters on-screen.

For Japanese participants, both implicit and explicit attitudes toward European faces became more positive.

Banaji now suspects that if she could test for prejudice in babies, she would find it. Certainly we have the mental machinery to generalize and rank across social categories, she says, but culture fills in the necessary information. In a study of 234 Hispanic-Americans, for instance, children compared themselves favorably with African-Americans.

Would they more easily associate positive words such as "happy" or "peace" with pictures of flowers and negative words such as "rotten" or "ugly" with insects? Then he began testing responses to words and images associated with ethnicity and race.

After finishing a meta-analysis across 61 studies, however, Greenwald and Banaji decided that the validity of the IAT holds.

The test predicted judgments, behavior, and physiological reactions linked to stereotyping and prejudice better than expressed attitudes could.

Most recently, Banaji has been trying to discern when race attitudes first form and when conscious beliefs begin to diverge from those below the surface.

In child-friendly tests, Banaji discovered that Japanese and white New England children as young as six both openly and implicitly preferred people like themselves.

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