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This fix, done in v.2.0.1, should remove the problems encountered under these conditions.

An important reversion to 1.5 behaviour has occurred in sub-release 2.0.1, as follows: In Firebird 2.0, a deliberate restriction was imposed to prevent anyone from dropping, altering or recreating a PSQL module if it had been used since the database was opened.

This sub-release, likely to be the last for the 2.0-series, does not add any new functionality to the database engine.

It incorporates a number of bug fixes that did not make it into the v.2.0.6 sub-release in June 2010 or have been backported from subsequent 2.1.x and 2.5.x releases.

The v.2.0 release cycle of Firebird brought a large collection of long-awaited enhancements under the hood that significantly improved performance, security and support for international languages.

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Bugfix (CORE-1133) "The XNET (IPC) communication protocol would not work across session boundaries" affects those attempting to access databases using the local protocol on Windows Vista as well as those using remote terminal services locally on XP or Server 2003.Calculation of index statistics has been revamped to improve the choices the optimizer has available, especially for complex outer join distributions and DISTINCT queries.Many new additions have been made to the SQL language, including support for derived tables (SELECT ... FROM), PSQL blocks in dynamic SQL through the new EXECUTE BLOCK syntax and some handy new extensions in PSQL itself.This sub-release does not add any new functionality to the database engine.Several important bug-fixes that have turned up during development of versions 2.1.x and 2.5 have been backported.

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