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Once again, this is something that can be built up over time.Additional Items – There’s other things that might be required for specific types of content.If you don’t already have content, as long as you’ve got everything necessary to produce it, you’re fine. This varies greatly based on a wide number of things.

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There’s even specific networks like this, that make it incredibly easy to get started. As long as you’re eighteen or older and have the content to sell, you’re ready to get started.

Tube Site Revshare – Many of the tube sites offer some form of revshare for producers.

This means that you get a percentage of the advertising revenue generated from your uploaded content.

Anyone that is performing with you must be eighteen or older as well. Having a computer is also necessary for editing the content, promotion, emails and other things.

You’ll need to provide a digital copy of photo ID when registering for any of the clip sites. Most modern laptops or PCs will work just fine.(Suggested) Lighting – If you’ve already got great natural or artificial lighting, that’s great. If not, a lighting system is definitely something to consider.

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