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I cried many hours and for many nights, over the course of a whole year thereafter. Everyone doubted whether I would be able to generate a dollar toward rent and basic expenses, let alone afford the affluent lifestyle I had when my father was alive and underwriting my indulgences.I lost friends because I could no longer cough up ducats toward maintaining the lifestyle we shared in New York.The ones who blaze trails in a wildly different direction as if the common path would burn both their soles and souls. Each one is its own world and yet blended as seamlessly into the next as each of the seven seas into its neighbor…complete with currents, waves and atmospheric disturbances.

So my path and process began at “I quit,” which has since taken me, a mollycoddled city bird, out into the bush wild, to uncover and convey gripping stories instead of sew sartorial couture.

I hope the robustly ethereal constitution of Asher Jay plays out in these words. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. You have a background in fashion and marketing, you’re a painter and artist, you do stand-up comedy, you give Ted X talks…how on earth did you blend all this into a successful career traveling the globe and protecting wildlife as a creative conservationist?

Asher Jay: How did I seed my octopus of a career with each arm in a different jam jar? Not every person gets to make an impassioned declaration to a salaried position on Seventh Avenue and find his or her calling in the Serengeti, but that is precisely how I began my journey.

“Do not underestimate the power of a timely ‘No.'” Of course, the real work begins after you say no.

The moments that come after “I quit” are practically debilitating, it is riddled in self-doubt and a need to cling to what you have known.

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